Torres Vedras Migrants Association


AMTV aims to improve the integration process of migrants and encourage civic and cultural participation in Portuguese society


AMTV - Associação de Migrantes de Torres Vedras, arises from the union of migrants of different nationalities - Brazilians, Croatians, Spaniards, Moldovans, Portuguese, Russians, Ukrainians, among others - who met through some of the actions carried out by the Local Support Center and Integration of Migrants (CLAIM) in Torres Vedras.

It is worth mentioning that AMTV will seek in CLAIM not only a link, but also a focus of inspiration, because it was the beautiful work carried out by CLAIM, which awakened in our citizen consciences and responsible people the desire to join efforts to welcome, insert and develop migrants residing in Torres Vedras and region, through respect for diversity, regardless of nationality, creed and gender.

After several meetings, we decided that our AMTV would become a non-profit association of people interested in intercultural issues, social, intellectual and cultural inclusion. Therefore, everyone who is used to this cause is welcome, whether Human Beings or Organizations.

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Our mission

Assist migrants in their insertion in Portuguese territory, with regard to issues related to social, intellectual, cultural and intercultural inclusion, through orientation, training and development processes.

Our vision

Become a Reference Association. in Portugal, over the next five years, with regard to the process of integration of migrants and the promotion of their civic and cultural participation in Portuguese society.

Our values

I respect diversity;
Social responsability.

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Intercultural Dialogues

Actions that aim to stimulate communication and insertion of the Migrant, in the Torriense scenario, in a dynamic and productive way, through the methodology of the Conversation Circles, where the sharing of intercultural experiences becomes a pedagogical instrument that allows a rapprochement between people.


Project that aims to integrate migrant children and their families into Torriense society, through recreational and educational activities.

Entrepreneurial Education

Actions aimed at awakening and developing the entrepreneurial potential of Migrants and contributing to the development of the local, regional and national entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Portuguese in Practice

Meetings that aim to help Migrants from countries that do not officially speak Portuguese to communicate in the host language through everyday practical activities and that, in addition, for those who wish to access Portuguese citizenship, aim to increase their chances of success in the exam of the Initial Certificate of Portuguese as a Foreign Language (CIPLE).

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Come and be part of this story of positive and collaborative social transformation. More information via email: amtv@amtv.pt

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Come and be part of this story of positive and collaborative social transformation. More information via email: amtv@amtv.pt


High Commissioner for Migration.
          E-mail: acm@acm.gov.pt

National Support Center for the Integration of Migrants
          E- mail: informacoes@cnai.acm.gov.pt

Network of Local Support Centers for the Integration of Migrants (CLAIM)
          E-mail: gtclaii@acm.gov.pt 
          Telephone: 218 106 100

CLAIM - Torres Vedras
          E-mail: gabimigrante@cm/tvedras.pt
          Telephone: 261 322 464

Immigrant Helpline
          Landline - 808 257 257 (local call cost)
          Cellphone - 218 106 191 

SEF - Foreigners and Borders Service. 
          E-mail: gricrp.cc@sef.pt

SEF markings and information: 
          Landline - 808 202 653
          Cellphone - 808 962 690 / 965 903 700

Social Security
          Telephone: 300 502 502

City Hall of Torres Vedras
          E-mail: geral@cm-tvedras.pt
          Telephone: 261 310 400

Torres Vedras Health Center
          E-mail: geral@cstvedras.min-saude.pt
          Telephone: 261 336 350